Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Insurance needs for your California Catering Business

During those special celebratory events, guests want to be able to enjoy themselves and the company of their loved ones. As the caterer for these special celebrations, you want to make sure the event is running smoothly so your guests can do just that. The last thing anyone wants to be concerned with is what can go wrong. Unfortunately, given the many risks in the catering industry, accidents and mishaps can occur. However, if your catering business is fully insured with the right insurance broker, you can feel confident that any claim that should arise will get resolved promptly and thoroughly. Let’s take a look at what it means to be properly insured and what kind of insurance quotes you will need.

What every California Catering Business Needs
All catering companies experience many risks that are unique to your business. That’s why these common California business insurance policies/quotes for catering companies are necessary in responding to these risks:

  • General Liability – Protects you if someone gets hurt at your location or event or from your business operations/equipment
  • Professional Liability- Provides coverage for the professional food service your company supplies
  • Business Property- Covers any damage to your office or any other structure you use for your business from fire or theft.
  • Commercial Auto- Protects any delivery vans or vehicles used to transport food and employees
  • Workers Compensation- Provides coverage for any employee that gets injured on their job duties

What All California Catering Businesses Should Consider

For those catering companies that serve alcohol or want as much coverage as possible, it is important to consider adding the following to their California business insurance quote:

Liquor Liability- Covers you against lawsuits claiming your business overserved, served underage customers, and/or served alcohol to someone who later harmed another person; even if the harm was done off the premise of your business

Food Spoilage- Helps business who have large amounts of stored food as this covers losses due to food and inventory that spoiled because of equipment malfunctioning

Cyber- If your company has an internet presence, this is helpful as it protects from Internet-related risks such as data breaches

Assault & Battery-  Can be included as part of General Liability or Liquor Liability, this provides coverage against claims involving physical and/or verbal altercations deemed threatening or harmful when at one of your business events or business premises

In order to obtain the best California business insurance quotes for your catering company, it is crucial to find the right broker who understands your general industry needs as well as your specific needs as an individual business. Call a business insurance broker today so they can get started on providing you with quotes and working hard for you so you can have peace of mind for your business and focus on serving your clients.