Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How a California EPLI (Employment Practices Liability) Insurance policy can help your business!

A strong relationship between an employer and employee can be key to a successful business and is an important goal for many business owners. When both are working together as a team, your company runs more smoothly and solid camaraderie can develop. However, when an employer and employee are at odds, that relationship can grow bitter rather quickly.  As the employer, you never know how things will transpire with an employee so it is important to be prepared and protected if an argument with one of your workers escalates into a lawsuit, as a lawsuit can potentially affect the well-being of your company. California Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) can help. It provides protection for your business for such incidents between you and your employee (s). Although unpleasant to discuss, the risk of an employee going after you and your company for a variety of reasons is always present and needs to be planned for, thus your business must be properly covered. Let’s go over how a California EPLI quote can help and protect you.

California EPLI Insurance

From Whoever

Not only can current employees file suit against you but also former employees and even potential new hires. This is important to be aware of and understand that regardless of how responsible you are at conducting your business and keeping immaculate records, anyone involved in your company’s employment process can sue you. However, a California EPLI coverage quote defends against suits made from any type of employee so you can feel secure knowing those potential risks will be protected against.

For Any Reason

Wrongful acts (or claims of wrongful acts) can arise from essentially any part of the employment relationship.  Such reasons for a suit from an employee include:
-failure to promote
-whistleblower retaliation
-breach of employment contract
-wrongful termination
-violation of civil rights laws
-discrimination or harassment
-wage and hour (sometimes excluded and can be added as endorsement)

For Anyone

Regardless of your business size (whether a small, local business or a national corporation), your company is still at risk and could result in bankruptcy from one employee lawsuit if EPLI coverage is not in place. Since allegations and altercations can occur whether you have one employee or 1,000 employees, all types of businesses can benefit from California EPLI quotes and the security it provides.

As you can see, a California EPLI quote is a vital part of any business to ensure you are protected from within. Reach out to an insurance broker about receiving a quote and adding EPLI coverage to your business so you can start enjoying the process of building a solid work team knowing you have the coverage and peace of mind to do so.