Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Do I need California Professional Liability Insurance? What exactly does it cover?

No one is perfect and, we can all admit that at one point or another, we have made a mistake while at work. Whether it was forgetting to relay that phone message to a coworker or writing down a customer’s dinner order incorrectly; mistakes happen. However, for professional occupations, even the smallest mistakes can result in serious consequences, such as lawsuits and/or a ruined business reputation. Since mistakes are inevitable, protect against them with a Professional Liability insurance quote. Such a quote will instill coverage that one may need when the unpredictable or the imperfect occurs at the job site, protecting business owners in the event that a client sues for negligence, inaccuracies, or oversights. Professional Liability, also known as Errors & Omissions, covers defense costs for these lawsuits, which is sometimes not covered by other types of insurance in California and thus is truly significant in providing full coverage.

Most California business owners ask their insurance agents for a General Liability quote however, as essential and important as this coverage may be, it does not protect against the errors that may occur during a professional service. General Liability protects against advertising slander, injuries and damage that can occur during a job or by a business, including the medical and defense fees. Professional Liability, on the other hand, protects against claims and lawsuits of inaccurate professional services and/or advice. In other words, General Liability provides cover for damage by a trade business while Professional Liability provides coverage for damage by a business consisting of licensed professionals. If you are accused of negligence in a field you are licensed in, Professional Liability comes to your defense.

As the name suggests, professionals can most optimally benefit from a California Professional Liability quote. Business owners who are licensed or certified to provide a professional service to clients are at risk of getting sued for negligence during a service, which is not covered by standard General Liability coverage. Professionals include doctors, consultants, contractors, attorneys, engineers, photographs, beauticians, trainers, and accountants to name a few. Being a licensed professional is an incredible accomplishment and is worth adequate protection. California business owners’ deserve professional coverage that can only be provided by a Professional Liability / Errors & Omissions policy.