Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What if I am not able to pay my insurance premium in full?

Many business owners want to protect their company by carrying the necessary insurance policies, whether it be General Liability, Commercial Auto, Property Insurance, Inland Marine Insurance, or Workers Compensation Insurance. For start-up or small business owners, it can be overwhelming to have to pay the premium in full.

Some business owners may not know that finance companies are available to help lessen the financial burden. Finance companies work the same way as credit cards; they will pay the entire premium up-front and you will pay the finance company a down payment, as well as monthly payments with an interest rate that depends on the size of the loan. You can pay off the entirety of the loan at any point in time without having to pay the interest that would have accrued later in the year. For renewed policies, the interest rate or down payment may increase depending on your previous payment history.

An insurance broker can help set you up with the finance company and finance agreement that will best fit your needs.


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